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Thank you for your interest in Tours of Nottingham!

Following a prolonged break due to Covid, we are extending our break to at least Spring 2022, so we are not running any Tours in the near future. Check back on this page for details later.

Homicidal medieval Kings, the very first Vampyre, modern Olympians, evil murderers – meet them all on our tour of Robin Hood’s city!

For groups by arrangement.

Please note – we have no scheduled tour dates for you to attend, we’re just too busy, so we only cater for group bookings, sorry!

If you are looking for things to do in Nottingham or what’s on in Nottingham for groups, look no further!

Touring Nottingham’s key sites of interest, you will hear fascinating and historically accurate tales of Nottingham’s past and present, including of course Nottingham’s most famous character, ROBIN HOOD! (but is he hero or villain – or even real?). The Tour takes around 2 hours and we cover about 2 miles in gentle walking.

David has been a Guide for Nottingham Council House, the working hub of government in the Nottingham, and this iconic landmark is included in the tour itinerary (subject to aviailability). Please note that this tour is outside, we do not enter any buildings, so come prepared for the British weather!

Our stories cover (subject to route variation):

  • Robin Hood is associated with many locations in the City and his tales are woven around those of our other ‘Heroes and Villains’. We look at the historical fact behind the Hollywood legend and discover fascinating facts and Medieval myths

  • Nottingham Castle

  • The iconic Robin Hood statue outside the Castle walls

  • The must-see Trip to Jerusalem Inn – is it really England’s oldest pub?

  • Lord Byron (he of ‘mad, bad and dangerous to know’ fame) & other well-known literary connections

  • The Lace Market & St Mary’s Church (is it really Nottingham’s oldest building?)

  • The old Shire Hall (gaol and place of execution)

  • The medieval street plan

  • Old Market Square, Nottingham Council House and a famous football hero!

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Is this building unique in the entire world? Find out on The Nottingham Heroes & Villains Tour!