She walks in beauty, like the night

Of cloudless climes and starry skies; …


(Lord Byron, 1788-1824)


We can make your visit to Newstead enthralling and memorable!

Dr. David Cross ran the very first ghost tours of the Abbey in the early 1990’s and has portrayed Byron in private Abbey events. The Abbey house is open only at very limited times, but the grounds are open nearly every day, all year. David will give your group a guided tour of Newstead Abbey grounds and introduce you to the colourful history of the (in)famous Lord Byron, the Abbey – and its many ghosts!

If you visit Newstead on your own, without a knowledgeable Guide, you may discover little about the fascinating stories of Byron and Newstead’s history that lie in the shadows - just waiting to be told.

More details about the Abbey can be found on the official Newstead Abbey website.

  • Please contact David for further details. He will be happy to chat, without obligation.