Researched by Dr. David Cross as part of the ‘Trent to Trenches’ project, this approx. 2 hour walking tour looks at the links between Nottingham and the ‘war to end all wars’. (The Trent to Trenches project was a series of events throughout Nottinghamshire in 2014 to mark the Centenary of the start of WW1).

The Tour is available for group bookings by arrangement.

This tour is aimed at anyone with a general interest in WW1, the so-called ‘Great War’, or in just a different aspect of the fascinating history of Nottingham.

There are still many signs of WW1 evident in the city, but they go almost entirely unnoticed.

The tour is suitable for children of 14+ years.

Please contact David for all enquiries.

The 1914-18 conflict was a time of great social change in every part of England. Nottingham played a hugely important (if largely unknown) part in the war effort.

The tour will entertain you with the following stories and more:

  • How did plum cake help the battle in the air?
  • Why did the skin of many Nottingham women turn yellow as part of the war effort? And where did they hide their oranges?
  • Why did the Germans think that 29 million dead cows would win them the war?
  • Hear of both the successes and failures where Nottingham men were involved, at famous battles such as Gallipoli and the Somme
  • Where can you still see evidence of a Zeppelin attack on Nottingham to this day?

Contact us for enquiries.